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Dipping Powder Is One of the Most Durable

How Does dipping Powder Work?
How Long Does It Last?
How to Remove dipping Powder NailsIs dipping Powder Safe?
Where gel polish and acrylic extensions have had their time in the spotlight, we think it’s time dipping powder nails get the same attention.

What Are dipping Powder Nails?
Also commonly referred to as SNS nails, the dipping powder technique involves dipping nails into colored powder (or brushing the dipping powder onto the nail), then using a clear sealant on top. The result is a longer-lasting manicure that can remain chip-free for up to a month.

Dipping powder nails give you the flexibility of gel nails and the durability of acrylic nails and it is more easy, don’t need the acrylic brush and form

How Does dipping Powder Work?
You can expect the following steps for dipping powder nails:
The nails are prepped
Bonder is applied
Base and powder are applied, repeat this step until you feel the color is full enough on the nail
Wait a few minutes, then apply topcoat

The Benefits of dipping Powder Nails
No curing with UV lights
Easy to do at home
Lasts up to a month
Endless color choices

Dipping Powder Nails vs. Gel Nails
Gel nails and dipping powder nails last roughly the same amount of time. Dipping from gel polish is that unlike with gel polish there will be no bending to the nails which cause cracks to gel polish and sometimes even breakage to the nails.
How Long Does a dipping Powder Manicure Last?
Dipping powder nails can last anywhere from two weeks to a month depending on how hard you are on your nails (and how willing you are to deal with your nails growing in a bit at the base). If you do your own nails, this is great because it means less time dedicated to a gorgeous nail look. And, if you get your dipping powders done, it means less money in the long run because they don’t require as much maintenance.

Is dipping Powder Safe For Your Nails?
Like any nail service, back-to-back dipping powder use can weaken your nails, so it’s best to give your nails at least a week of recovery between services (and even more time in-between if you notice your nails are brittle, peeling, or chipping).

How Do You Remove Dip Powder Nails?
Gently file off 85 percent of the product with a 180/100 grit file and then soak your nails in pure acetone for 15 mins,Use an orange wood stick and buffer to remove product. Repeat if necessary
If the dipping doesn’t easily flake off from there, don’t force it. Picking and peeling at your dip powder is a recipe for disaster and can cause serious damage to your nails.
Can you dip short nails?
Totally. You can use dip powder on any nail length, including short natural nails. If you are looking to grow your nails out, however, you might want to avoid dip powder, acrylic, or gel nails—constant exposure to acetone during the removal process can compromise the health of your nails.

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