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Nail Foils and gel

Among the fashion trends in the nail art industry today, the use of nail foil is becoming more common and widespread. More and more manicurists are using foil to express their definition of beauty. Unique and multi-dimensional, it is available in a variety of colors, patterns and metallic shades. All these features have made nail foil an easy alternative to the precious, hand-painted designs that dominated the early 2000s. Sometimes even extremely intricate nail art.
The ease of use and the element of surprise in the final result is a big reason why nail foils are so popular. Whether you stick different colored nail foils around each other to look like camouflage, or cut them into strips and press them for a striped effect, these various variations depend on how you apply it, it can leave behind various abstract patterns.
Everyone can use their infinite imagination and use the ever-changing types of nail foils to achieve unique nail designs. I think this is one of the most addictive parts of nail foil.
Let’s get down to the basics, nail art foil is very thin, usually only 0.1mm thick, and can be cut or torn into small pieces or strips. Foils are available in a variety of colors, from classic metallics like rose gold and silver to holographic and colorful options. Foil transfer is available in a variety of finishes including chrome, glitter or glitter. And its operation steps are also very simple, very easy to learn and use. You only need to master the basic color glue operation, and then you can complete the foil transfer operation without any pressure.
1st Base coat – You can use base coat, rubber base coat etc
2nd Colored gel polish – Do the needed gel polish for your nail arts
3rd Foil gel – after colors are done, apply the foil gel prepare for the foil transfer
4th Foil sheets – You are the creator. Follow your heart to make your nails
5th Top coat – Last process to protect the nail arts.
Various products we have in SUSANSAY GEL POLISH can be used for these steps. Different colors work with different foils can bring your nails flying in the sky. No limits, you can run your minds all around. If you want something special, you can also use other special gel polish together with the foils. That would be amazing after all.
Not only the foils but also the foil flake gel we have new launched are amazing for your nails. If you want to see, check our website and contact us for more details. Just follow us.
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