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How to stick diamonds on your nails

Now the manicure market is getting more and more popular, and a variety of nail designs are dazzling. More women are not satisfied with the beautiful manicure designs only obtained by color, they boldly try to add a little bling to the manicure by applying diamonds, rhinestones or crystals. It has opened a big world on manicure. Here we share some of the experience and comments of this part with you. Whether you add just one for a hint of glimmer or a grouping of gems to create a sparkling design, embellishing your nails is surprisingly simple, although you’ll need a good set of tweezers on hand to handle the tiny jewels while you apply them to your nails.

A good nail design before starting the application process is needed. This is especially important if you intend to create swirls or intricate designs with the gems. If you intend to only use one as a pop of sparkle or apply them in a straight line down the center of your nail, you won’t need to draw a design ahead of time. After that, it comes the application processes.

Soak a cotton ball in non-acetone nail polish remover. Swipe it over each fingernail to remove your old polish.

Run the rough side of a dual-sided nail file over your fingernail tips to shape them according to your preference. Each stroke should go in the same direction rather than back and forth. Use the smooth side of the file to buff the edges and smooth them out.

Dip a nail brush in a bottle of base coat polish. Wipe any excess onto the bottle’s inner rim and place the tip in the center of your nail, right in front of the cuticle.

Paint a stripe down the middle of the nail and then another curved stripe down each side to completely cover the nail.

Allow two minutes for the base coat to dry before applying the first coat of the nail color of your choosing. When you’re applying color, finish the painting process by painting a thin horizontal line across the tip of your fingernail. Wait two minutes and apply a second coat of color.

Paint a coat of clear polish as a top coat. While the polish is still wet, pick up the diamond with tweezers and place a dot of nail art glue on the back of it. Place the diamond on your nail and press it lightly into place.

Repeat as necessary to apply the diamonds according to your pattern. Let your nails dry for at least 15 minutes before touching to test for dryness and another 25 minutes before you do anything with your hands.

Make sure the curing process is completed done in each step. That would help you to make your nail art get longer lasting.

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